WWE Serves Up 12 Throwback Photos Of Superstars From Their School Days

Get ready to see some familiar wrestling stars in a way never seen before.

The Big Show slamming Braun Strowman.
Big Show slamming Braun Strowman The WWE machine. Image WWE

Everyone was young once, even WWE superstars like Big Show and Mick Foley – but have you ever wondered what they looked like all those years ago?

The WWE has, which is why they have gone and collected together 12 throwback photos of your favourite wrestlers in their high school glory days.

Featuring any number of dodgy haircuts, ill-advised beards and a fair few bad fashion choices, here is the collection, in full, to enjoy.


WWE star Roman Reigns.

That’s one killer goatee.


WWE star Nikki Bella

Nikki doesn’t appear to have aged, at all.


WWE Kofi Kingston.

Love the fact he’s got the same facial expression in both.


WWE star Alex Bliss

It’s like looking at two completely different people.


WWE star Seth Rollins.

Who knew Seth used to be a member of Incubus?


WWE star Big Cass.

My, what a polite, young man Big Cass looks.


WWE star Big Show.

The Big Show wasn’t always quite so big.


WWE star Charlotte.

Charlotte has changed a whole lot.


WWE star Finn Balor.

Even then, Finn had his eye on the belts.


WWE star Mick Foley.

Foley hell, Mick!


WWE star Bayley.

Bayley still has the same baby face.


WWE star Randy Savage.

R.I.P. Randy Savage – what a fine young gent you were!

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