WWE Legend Recalls Time He Was Asked To Fight Mike Tyson For Real

Would you step into the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime? Kevin Nash certainly wouldn’t.

Mike Tyson in WWE.
Mike Tyson In his WWE days Image Getty

The mid-to-late ‘90s was a glorious time for WWE – a period now known as the Attitude Era.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin reigned supreme, Mankind made the headlines for his sheer feats of stupidty and a certain wrestler by the name of The Rock introduced us to the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today.

It was also the period when Mike Tyson enjoyed a guest stint in sports entertainment, regularly going toe-to-toe with Austin in a series of entirely rehearsed but nevertheless hilarious confrontations.

Tyson’s spell in WWE culminated in a pay-per-view match between Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels that saw Iron Mike serve as special guest referee.

WWE owner Vince McMahon enjoyed a great relationship with Tyson back then that was mutually beneficial to both parties.

But a few years prior to his infamous tete-a-tete with Austin, McMahon had very different ideas for how to bring the worlds of Tyson and WWE together.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, wrestling icon Kevin Nash, aka Diesel, revealed that, back around 1995, McMahon approached him with a pretty crazy idea: a charity fight with Tyson.

To give this idea some context, Tyson had just been released from prison and was mean, lean and looking to send a message to the world that he was back and better than ever.

So, as you can image, Nash was apprehensive about the idea of getting into a ring with the guy that would later bite Evander Holyfield’s ear off.

“They brought me up to WWE Headquarters, which was called Titan Tower at the time, and Vince went into this elaborate idea of me fighting Mike Tyson in Central Park,” Nash explained.

“I asked him, ‘How much am I going to get paid?’ Vince said it was for charity, and I said, ‘F—. I ain’t fighting Mike Tyson and getting knocked the f— out for charity.’”

Would you have fancied fighting Iron Mike? What if it was for charity? Nah, thought not.

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