Someone has created a mash-up of WWE and the Democratic National Convention and it’s excellent

God bless you, JR!

Good ol JR The commentator can call anything and do a massive job

The Democratic National Convention finished up last night and so the world has been introduced to the Democratic presidential ticket that includes one Hilary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

And sure as hell if you have a name like Tim Kaine you are prime for getting the piss taking out of you. 

Jim Ross is a former WWE commentator if you don’t know. Well in fact he is the greatest WWE announcer of all time. 

Kane is the big red machine, a WWE wrestler, so when you mix the two and take the piss out of the vice presidential nominee you get a glorious mash-up.

The mash-up comes courtesy of Twitter user Jimmy Donofrio and here it is in all it’s glory. 

Jim Ross also calls other events too. And boy is he passionate. 

There was that time he got super angry at Stone Cold Steve Austin for forming a partnership with Vince McMahon.

That time he told his boss what he thought of him. 

And of course Jim Ross calling the Simpsons. 

God bless you, JR! 

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