WWE’s Most Infamous Incident Is Being Turned Into A Film…An Adult Film

The Montreal Screwjob went down in WWE history for all the wrong reasons.

WWE's very own Vince McMahon.
Vince McMahon can't be happy This isn't the WWE film he wanted. Image WWE

It remains one of the most controversial moments in the history of WWE and wrestling as we know it and now it’s being brought to life with a film – but not the sort of film you might have expected.

Ask a wrestling fan about the Montreal Screwjob and chances are they will have a pretty forthright opinion on the subject. 

It’s a story and an incident that has gone down in WWE folklore as the night owner Vince McMahon got it wrong – very wrong.

Back in 1997, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was at the peak of his powers in the WWE.

Reigning WWE Champion, he had reached the pinnacle of the organisation, adored by fans and loved to such an extent he even released his own rock song.

But this was a different time for wrestling and WWE, long before the Attitude era, when the organisation existed in the shadow of rival WCW.

By ’97 Hart had had enough and was preparing to leave for WCW. His WWE send-off was set for Montreal where he would face Shawn Michaels in one final defence of his championship belt.

Hart, ever the egotist, wanted to go out on a high and, as far as he knew, McMahon agreed. Secretly, however, a plan was hatched that would see Michaels emerge victorious in dubious circumstances.

After the plan was carried out, without Hart’s knowledge, things seriously kicked off with claims over the years that Hart attacked McMahon or that the pair, at the very least, had something of a confrontation.

In any case, Hart stayed away from WWE for the 12 years that followed, and has only recently patched things up with Vince following a bout of illness.

The story, well known in Hollywood circles, appeared ripe for a big screen reimagining and it’s got that – except, well this is something different.

Porn parody specialists Brazzers has created an adult-orientated spoof of the incident, evidently spurred on by the fact it’s called The Montreal Screwjob.

But anyone hoping for even a shred of authenticity is likely to be disappointed. 

The Montreal Screwjob.
Montreal Screwjob Image Brazzers

For starters, Michaels is being portrayed by female adult star Mia Malkova, who hasn’t been cast for her striking resemblance to the Heartbreak Kid.

Hart, meanwhile, is being played by Romi Rain who, at the very least, will likely sport the Hitman’s iconic reflective visor shades.

McMahon is also in on the action, as it were, with renowned adult star Johnny Castle taking on the role of the WWE owner. 

No WWE representatives have commented on the plans so far though given the notoriety of the incident, it’s unlikely to be well received.

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