Why WWE’s Latest Female Signing Could Be The Most Significant Yet

The wrestling giant is changing its approach to the women’s division.

Kennadi Brink refereeing for WWE.
Kennadi Brink An important addition to the WWE roster. Image WWE/Facebook.

The WWE is going through some pretty big changes. The Undertaker has all but retired, the Hardy Boyz are back again and over in the women’s division something pretty special is going on.

Gone are the tawdry days of the WWE Divas, when female competitors were cast in a role of mere in-the-ring eye candy – in 2017 WWE is doing something different.

There are already plans afoot for the first ever WWE Women’s Tournament, an event that will put the female side of sports entertainment to the fore.

But WWE isn’t resting on its laurels.

Not content with bringing in a raft of exciting new female talent to bolster the organisations ranks even further, there’s also something even more intriguing in mind.

In involves stars like 25-year-old up-and-comer Kennadi Brink and it has the potential to be a game-changing evolution in the world of wrestling.

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Brink is as exciting a prospect as they come in women’s wrestling.

Once part of the Ring of Honor’s [sic] Women of Honor Division, Brink trained under the tutelage of well-respected wrestler-turned-trainer Duane Gill.

Born Jessca Hessier, Brink turned to wrestling after some difficult formative years growing up as an overweight teen in Kissimmee, Florida.

However, It was her love of wrestling and the courage, discipline and most importantly motivation that not only helped her shed an astonishing 60 Ibs but also forge a successful career in the world of wrestling having first stepped in the ring back in 2010.

The culmination of that journey could come when she steps into the ring for the first time on Monday Night Raw for her very first WWE Pay-Per-View – not that she will be competing, of course.

No, WWE has something very special in mind for Brink that could prove a major breakthrough for the sport with Brink signed, according to Squared Circle Sirens at least, as a referee.

The significance of this move cannot be understated.

While wrestling’s established fakery is something of an open secret, what many don’t realise is the significant role the referee plays in conducting events in the ring.

It’s a role that’s largely gone to males over the years.

In fact, the only other non-special guest female referee in the history of the sport was Rita Chatterton way back in the mid-1980s.

Rita Chatterton refereeing for WWE in the 1980s.
Rita Chatterton Refereeing back in the 1980s Image YouTube/WWE

To enlist one of the most exciting female prospects in sports entertainment is therefore a major step forward and could be a sign of things to come.

Having previously impressed during a refereeing trial at several NXT events, the next 12 months could see Brink establish herself as the go-to official for some of WWE’s main events.

The WWE is going through big changes at the moment. The Undertaker will be missed and we’re pretty pleased the Hardy Boyz are back.

This significant step towards equality in this male-dominated industry is probably the biggest and best change of all though.

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