Some WTF Musical Offerings On Spotify

Jesus Penis

WTF? Cat Dreams? Yes that is an actual playlist featured on Spotify; the music, video and podcast streaming service we all know and love.

Spotify is known for its creative bend when it comes to playlists. Gems like “Songs That Get Drunk White Girls Excited,” or “Nipple Music.” are classic finds. The Spotify Advertisements on public transportation are also a thing of beauty. 

cvc3oflxyaabp2jObviously, they know how to take the piss with themselves, so we feel obliged to participate. Here are some playlists and albums that make you say ‘Da F*ck?’


EDM, Extraterrestrial Dance Music



Just in case you’ve forgotten what they sound like. Oh, burn.



Llama tell you something, Never Mind The Pan Pipes Is a thing of nightmares 



Making babies sounds really boring



Everyone has a reason 



This is some fierce motivation, fieeerce



Hey, it happens. 



Completely, one hundred percent epic to the 400th degree



It would be a change from what they usually do, lets be honest



Terminator knows what’s up in the workout game. Trust. 



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