WTF Happened To Noughties Pop Songstress Dido?

We didn't hear her leave...


Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong, the preeminent songstress of the late nineties and early noughties, who famously collaborated with a bleached Eminem on the dark track “Stan” and floated her way through music videos with a kind of ethereal coolness and flippy hair.

The very same smoky voiced songbird whose debut album “No Angel” was something for the record books, with over 21 million albums sold worldwide – pretty much disappeared a few years ago.  

After the mind blowing success of “No Angel” in the United States, Dido released her second album “Life for Rent” in 2003 which included the massive single “White Flag,” earning her a grammy nomination in 2004.

Her sophomore effort was another major triumph and became the 4th biggest selling album of the 21st century in the UK. After a sold out tour and appearance on Live 8, she seemingly took a break and vanished from public view.

So what the f**k happened to her?

She didn’t in fact turn into dust – her third album called “Safe Trip Home” was released in 2008, though it didn’t perform as well as the first two. What an act to follow up though.

As the years progressed she continued working in music, co-writing the song “If I Rise” with A. R. Rahman for the 127 hours movie soundtrack in 2011. This collaboration brought Dido more success with multiple nominations including an Academy Award nod.

In 2013 the singer put together a greatest hits compilation, bringing together her hits of the past and a new song for the present called NYC. 

Per her Instagram, which she admittedly hasn’t updated in 3 years, it seems Dido hasn’t changed a bit and is still as gorgeous as ever.

She got married in 2010 and had a son called Stanley in 2011. We expect her growing family might have taken up some of her time for a bit. She’s also a staunch advocate of refugee children and supports Save The Children UK.

Her last tweet was from July and its quite a fitting comment on her glorious past. See it below.

She’s not very active on social media and she has all but abandoned her website. Despite this absence, we hope she reemerges soon, until then we have quite the collection of songs to enjoy.

Also, her birthday is on Christmas Day, as it’s fast approaching lets wish this legend an early Happy Birthday!

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