Would You Let This Russian Hairdresser Cut Your Hair With An Axe?

By Jack Beresford

March 07, 2018

Getting a haircut can be a painful experience at the best of times.

You spend at least half hour staring at your reflection while a hairdresser works away, making small talk about the weather or the state of politics today.

When they finish, you’re presented with your new hairdo. You hate it, but you pretend you like it and pay up as quickly as possible. The hair will grow back. It always does.

The whole debacle is something we all have to go through, but if you thought that was about as painful as the process could get, Russian hairstylist Daniil Istomin is here to tell you, you are wrong.

A popular figure on Instagram, where he’s racked up close to 5,000 followers, Istomin has earned a reputation as the world’s top axe-based hairdresser.

There’s no need for scissors with Daniil, who likes to deliver his drastic stylings one axe blow at a time. It looks totally insane, of course, and it’s difficult to suggest it isn’t.

For one thing, his work seems to be all over the place. There’s not a whole lot of styling you can do with an axe.

Istomin evidently disagrees though, which is perhaps why he’s emerged as a cult figure online.

It would certainly make for a thrilling haircut experience, even if you do run the risk of getting a face full of axe.

In fact, it’s proven so popular, Istomin has even performed a few haircuts live, at parties and even on television, where he’s probably being handsomely paid for his services too.

You would have to be very careful about fidgeting too, otherwise he might just end up lopping an ear off.

In any case, this unique service has proven popular with men and women alike over in Russia, a country known for some pretty severe hairstyles.

Istomin could really do with a celebrity endorsement before he hits the big time though – maybe David Beckham will volunteer to try it out ahead of the World Cup in Russia? Just an idea.