Would You Eat This Christmas Inspired Pizza Creation?

This makes ham and pineapple pizza look like pepperoni by comparison.

The candy cane pizza.
That's not right... Right? Image Twitter/NBC

Pizza isn’t a foodstuff you would necessarily associate with festive season but one rather creative Christmas lover is looking to change all that.

They’ve been busy crafting a culinary treat that’s putting the festive in pizza whether you like it or not – and it would seem there are plenty of people Twitter who fall into the latter category.

Going by the handle @toxicsmore on Twitter, the mystery “chef” has created what can only be described as the world’s first truly festive pizza.

But there’s no turkey or little sausages wrapped in bacon on this bad boy – that would be too simply.

No, this pizza is something a little sweeter – a standard cheese and tomato oven pizza topped with candy canes and other Santa-shaped sugary treats.

The candy cane pizza.

Mind you, once that heady mix has gone under the heat for 20 or so minutes at 200 degrees, most of those toppings are rendered virtually unrecognisable.

Whatever the case, the resulting pizza/mess has left fans on Twitter divided between those evidently eager to try out the results for themselves and those that see it as a pizza-based sacrilege beyond even the most pineapple-filled, ham and pineapple pizza.

The candy cane pizza.

It also follows on from a similar Twitter storm that greeted the arrival of the world’s first ever strawberry pizza.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, everybody!

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