A Pair Of Well-Worn Women’s Shoes Could Make You Serious Money On Ebay

This is foot fetishism taken to a whole new level…

Shoes Image eBay

Knackered out women’s shoes are selling for serious money eBay with some well-worn pairs selling for up to £100.

The auction website regularly lists used pairs of women’s shoes for seemingly extortionate prices.

One listing, for example, offers up a pair of “Very Well Worn Women’s Red Wedge Heels” in size six for a whopping Buy It Now price of £250.

A similar listing, for a pair of “Well Worn Black Leather Loafer Office” shoes, also in size six, meanwhile are listed for a Buy It Now price of £1,000 and they look even worse.

There may be more to these listings than meets the eye, however, with The Mirror claiming many pairs are being snapped up by foot fetishists.

An eBay listing.
Nice price On eBay Image eBay

To the uninformed, this refers to a particular sub-section of society that derive sexual pleasure from feet and, in this instance, specifically women’s feet.

Previously, a Cambridgeshire blogger revealed to The Sun she had been making serious money by selling her old shoes online.

These foot fetish fans will tend to target well-worn and potentially smelly shoes, with a view to purchasing the items and getting their, er, kicks as it were.

An eBay listing
Even worse... Image eBay

With the potential to make hundreds from items you would otherwise throw out, eBay could now be set for an influx of second hand shoe salesmen.

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