“World’s Worst Matador” Gored In GROIN By Blood Soaked Bull

Andres Roca Rey is just 20 but already has something of a reputation.

The world's worst matador.
That's painful Image AFP

The “World’s Worst Matador” Andres Roca Rey was left with a four-inch hole in his inner left thigh after being gored in the groin by a blood-soaked bull at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Rey was also left with torn abs after being thrown into the air by the bull as it attempted to free itself from him.

The 20-year-old has something of a reputation for being amateurish in the extreme, after being gored five times in his first five fights as a matador.

To date, he’s been gored in the buttocks and groin while he’s also lost two teeth after being stabbed in the mouth during a collision that left him with a concussion and a shattered right cheek bone.

Despite this catalogue of injuries, however, Rey refuses to give up and has even carved out a niche for himself as the world’s worst matador.

The world's worst matador.
At one point he was lifted into the air Image AFP

One collision with a bull was so bad, in fact, it left him suffering amnesia.

But will he consider quitting the sport? Hell no, and that’s despite the recent death of a far more experienced matador.

Ivan Fandino died last month after tripping on his cape and being impaled by a bull. He was gored and launched into the air, leaving him with a punctured lung and other fatal injuries.

Bullfighting remains an extremely contentious sport though, with comedian Ricky Gervais among those to call for an end to the barbaric practice.

The world's worst matador.
The bull was bleeding during the encounter. Image AFP

In this instance, Rey appears to have inflicted plenty of damage on his bull opponent, who appears to be drenched in his own blood.

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