The World’s Witches Are Uniting To Cast A Mass Spell On Trump

Double, double Don's in trouble

He's ruining the world in so many ways... Image (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

You know you’ve gone too far when witches have it out for you. Donald Trump is facing a new wave of adversity for his actions, and this time it’s coming from the pointy hat crew.

The world’s Wiccan community is planning on casting the biggest binding spell ever tomorrow (February 24) at midnight, during what they call the Waning Moon Crescent. The purpose of this event is to stop Donald Trump from inflicting more harm on the world. We were hoping it involved magically turning him into a Wotsit or a Furry Peruvian Caterpillar. [via Pink News]

The spell itself consists of a few elements. The most interesting are an unflattering photo of Donald Trump and an orange candle. The witches will then chant to prevent Trump from harming any ‘human soul, tree, animal, rock, stream or sea.’

The Craft. Columbia Pictures.

After the incantation, the instructions advise to blow out the candle and picture Trump exploding into a cloud of dust or ash. Harsh.

Nevertheless, it’s a gallant effort on their part. The spell itself has been making the rounds worldwide thanks to the tech magic of the internet. No word yet on how many witches will be hexing the 45th president tomorrow but expectantly it will be quite a few.

Lest we forget that several hundred people allegedly levitated the Pentagon back in 1967, by chanting a spell?

We wish them the best. So mote it be.

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