Meet the world’s most beautiful chess player

Alexandra Botez will check mate your heart.

Alexandra Botez chess player
Check mate Alexandra Botez knows all the right moves. Image Picture Alexandra Botez/Facebook

The world of chess isn’t usually associated with great beauty, but Canadian player Alexandra Botez is someone who’s clearly bucking the trend.

Botez, a student at Stanford University, has been dubbed the world’s most beautiful chess player by the all-conquering authority known as the internet.

She’s ranked as one of Canada’s number top chess players and has competed in an impressive array of tournaments. The roll call of honours is impressive; Botez was a member of the Canadian women’s Olympiad team in 2012, 2014 and 2016 and is an 8-time Canadian and US Girls National Champion.

Alexandra Botez chess player
Deep thought Alexandra Botez in action on the chess board. Image Picture Alexandra Botez/Facebook

She also has more than 6 years of chess coaching experience and is the former Chess Club president of Stanford University.

Currently, Botez is taking a break from playing chess to focus on completing her studies at Stamford.

“My goal remains to increase public interest in chess, as well as to promote chess as an educational tool. I remain active as a lecturer and private coach,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

With nearly 20,000 Facebook likes, countless Reddit threads and web articles of admiration, does this make Botez the first chess superstar of the social media age?

She’s proof if it were ever needed, that brains and beauty are still a powerful combination.

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