World’s most valuable VHS tapes revealed – is £1,500 sitting on your shelf?

If you threw out your old Evil Dead VHS, read this and weep.

The Evil Dead poster VHS
Windfall A copy of Sam Raimi's horror classic on VHS could fetch you £200. Image Picture Palace

Thanks to the arrival of DVD, Blu-ray and streaming services like Netflix, the chances are you’ve thrown out all your old VHS tapes.

That could be end up being a massive blunder, because a list of the world’s most valuable VHS titles has been revealed with prices rocketing above the £1,000 mark.

A copy of Frankenstein’s Castle Of Freaks is valued at a cool £1,500, while even a particular early edition of the popular classic The Evil Dead on the long-gone Palace Pictures imprint (with a free “Meat” flyer) is worth £200.

According to, the films with the most value are those cult rarities that never made it to DVD or Blu-ray. So, don’t expect that well-worn copy of The Spy Who Loved Me you taped off ITV to be worth anything.

Intriguingly, Quentin Tarantino is resolutely old school when it comes to watching movies at home. He revealed last year that he still records films from TV with a VCR because he likes to have “something hard and tangible” in his hands. For that, House of Perversity – valued at £600 by Love Antiques – will probably do the job.

Prince Charles has also said he prefers watching VHS, which gives a great mental image of HRH watching dusty Carry On films at Windsor Castle.

The five most valuable VHS tapes in the world are…



Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (JVI) – £1,500

A 1974 sexploitation epic featuring a demented Dr Frankenstein an evil dwarf, a Neanderthal called Legosi and a monster named Hulk (no relation to ‘The Incredible’)


The Beast In Heat (JVI) £1,200

A video nasty originally released in 1977 about a Nazi POW camp that spawns a mutant sex fiend dubbed The Beast.


The Legend of Hillbilly John (Rainbow) £1,000

This 1972 film followed a ballad singer in the Appalachians who encounters a bird-like monster before being sent back in time to meet the Devil.


Journey Into The Beyond (Citycenta GO) £1,000

A 1975 documentary diving into the real-life occult, faith healing and exorcism. Narrated by the deep baritone of Carradine family patriarch John Carradine.


Lemora, The Lady Dracula (IFS) £900

A cult favourite from 1973 about a girl who’s drawn into vampirism and witchcraft after returning to her hometown.

Other titles of note include: Flesh Eaters (£800), Curse Of Death (£700), Anthropophagus the Beast (£500) and The Love Butcher (£200).

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