World’s most offensive Halloween mask discovered online

If Halloween is all about looking like a fanny, then this mask hits the nail on the head.

Halloween horror flick It Follows will scare you silly
It Follows A horror flick to scare you silly. Image Dimension

Looking for that special something to really stand out from the crowd this Halloween? Then the world’s very first vagina mask might just do the trick.

The work of Etsy’s very own melissacoulter, this particular face-piece is capable of transforming your entire head into one giant fanny and if there is one thing people can expect at Halloween, it’s seeing grown-ups looking like complete c***s.

Etsy's very own vagina mask
The Vagina Mask The stuff of nightmares Image Etsy/MelissaCoulter

To be clear though: the vagina mask was not created for the purpose of scaring people this October – there is nothing scary about the female anatomy.

In fact, this particular mask was designed for use in some sort of BDSM sex game, with the design essentially turning the mouth of the wearer into the opening of the vagina itself.

And if you are feeling a little bit sick after that, just wait until you hear how much it could set you back.

For the privilege of looking like a fanny, buyers need only fork out an almighty £386.69 for the adult-only silicone creation.

Etsy's very own vagina mask.
From another angle. The vagina mask. Again. Image Etsy/MelissaCoulter

The chances are that few people would realise you were essentially walking around with a fanny on your face given that the mask resembles a cross between Harry Potter nemesis Lord Voldemort and something from Pan’s Labyrinth.

This vagina mask could face stiff competition though, with one outlet predicting that the demand for costumes mimicking the look of Eleven from Stranger Things will outstrip that of those seeking a bit of Harley Quinn a la Margot Robbie.

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