World’s Most Expensive Burger Fetches INSANE Amount At Auction

But the ingredients were surprisingly ordinary…

That's one hell of a burger But wait until you hear the price.

The world’s most expensive burger just sold for a whopping amount in Dubai but the ingredients and circumstances around the sale may surprise you.

Usually when loaded gets wind of someone selling a ludicrously-priced meat patty and bun combo abroad, it usually involves Dubai and the burger’s ingredient list tends to involve 24-carat gold.

A few months back, for example, a genuine 24-carat gold burger went on sale in the Middle East for a ludicrous price.

But this burger is a little different.

Dubbed ‘The Burgerstack’, this baby fetched the not-insubstantial sum of Dhs36,700 which equates to around $10,000 or £8,000.

That's a lot of meat Probably going to need a knife and fork Image emirateswoman

It’s a pretty big burger in all fairness, with any number of patties included in a culinary creation that makes the humble McDonald’s Big Mac look miniscule by comparison.

Whoever bought it had best take their time over it though with our calculations suggesting that consumption works out at around £300 a bite.

In truth, the contents are surprisingly ordinary too. Well, considering the price tag at least.

This blockbusting Burgerstack comes complete with seven Al Jassiri with aged cheddar and veal bacon in a saffron brioche burger bun with seven spices and Harrisa burger sauce. Oh and it comes with a massive milkshake, just in case that giant burger and chips wasn’t enough.

Sure, there is a lot of meat, and a bit of bacon thrown in for good measure, but alongside that burger connoisseurs can look forward to a slice of aged cheddar cheese, some harissa sauce and a saffron brioche bun.

That’s right: there’s not a fleck of gold in sight.

That's a big burger At least it comes with chips... Image

Anyway, it’s all for a good cause, with the burger sold as part of a charity auction put together by Pink Caravan’s breast cancer charity.

We just hope whoever bought it didn’t let the thing go cold.

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