How To Get Your Hands On The World’s Biggest Chicken Nugget

It’s the equivalent of 85 regular chicken nuggets and some 4,500 calories.

A chicken nugget.

A contender for the title of ‘world’s biggest chicken nugget’ has arrived in the UK and looks set to take the nation by storm.

The new chicken-based culinary creation has been dubbed ‘Nugzilla’ by its inventors at Rub Smokehouse and is the equivalent of a whopping 85 regular nuggets.

It’s also substantially more strenuous on the waistline, with the deep fried treat containing some 330 grams of fat along and some 4,500 calories. 

Three pounds of minced chicken is combined with flour and a secret blend of spices to create this slab of meaty magic, which is then thrown in the deep-fat fryer for the finishing touch.

Big chicken nuggets don’t come cheap though – anyone travelling to one of the restaurant chain’s outlets in Newcastle, Birmingham, Beverley or Nottingham should be prepared to fork out £29.95 for the privilege of enjoying one of these super-sized snacks.

There could be a loophole of sorts, however, with The Newcastle Chronicle reporting that the chain is offering up the dish as part of an eating challenge for those with an appetite for giant boneless bits of chicken.


There are a few strict rules to follow though. Firstly, the Nugzilla must be eaten ion the quickest time possible. It’s also worth noting that no challenger is allowed to leave the table during the challenge while anyone caught vomiting is automatically disqualified.

Drinks are allowed but all of the Nugzilla, including the accompanying fries and all sauces, must be consumed if you are to pass.

Anyone looking to take part must book the challenge ahead of time and no challenges will be accepted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Finish your meal and it’s completely free.

The victor will also receive a free t-shirt in the post for their troubles with a grand prize for whoever manages it in the quickest time. The challenge is on – can you handle it?

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