World’s most romantic thief makes off with candles, underwear and…sex toys

It’s a real Robin Hood story with Ann Summers cast in the role of Sheriff of Nottingham.

Lovehoney sex toys advertImage Picture Lovehoney

Dundee resident Terence Cox may have just earned himself the title of world’s most romantic criminal after pleading guilty to two counts of theft involving some rather amorous items.

But this was no ordinary criminal act with the 63-year-old busted after making off with sexy underwear, romantic candles and a couple of sex toys for good measure, according to a report from The Courier.

The incident took place in Dundee last May, with Cox’s first criminal act occurring in the city’s branch of Primark.

Having pilfered a pair of undies from the discount clothes shop, Cox’s next stop was Ann Summers, where he soon became enamoured with the wide select of adult-only items on offer.

Vicky Pattison Ann Summers
Vicky Pattison posing for Ann Summers. Would she approve? Image Picture Ann Summers

In the end he opted for what was described in the report as a “quantity of candles and sex aids” which may or may not have been intended for his partner, Pauline Tierney, who is also facing criminal charges for her alleged part in the theft.

The 42-year-old has so far pled not guilty and while Cox could yet face jail time, Sheriff Tom Hughes has opted to defer sentencing for six months, giving this crafty Casanova the chance to show the error of his ways.

Vendors offering adult-only items of this description are finding themselves increasingly at risk of thieves.

Earlier this month, Australian police appealed for help in apprehending an, as yet, unknown male who is suspected of stealing a penis pump from a Victoria sex shop.

The unnamed thief has so far failed to come forward.

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