Can You Name These World Cup Teams From Their National Anthems?

It's time to find how much you learned watching all those games.

Cristiano Ronaldo knows the Portugal national anthem.
Cristiano Ronaldo knows the Portugal national anthem. Do you? Image Getty

There are some people that would have you believe watching every waking moment of the World Cup represents a monumental waste of time.

These people are wrong though. Not only does the World Cup represent the greatest feast of football this planet has ever seen but it also happens to be a thoroughly educational experience.

It’s a chance to immerse yourself in exciting new cultures while also learning more about global neighbours through the medium of song.

National anthems have been around for as long as anyone can remember and those first few moments of any World Cup match in which the two teams’ anthems are played out for the watching public are priceless.

But how many of these national anthems do you actually recognise? Test your knowledge with this quiz from Curry’s. How many will you get?

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