Could Getting High At The Gym Could Be Good For You?

Science says we should be smoking weed before a workout.

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You might not necessarily associate marijuana with fitness, but it’s been revealed that working out while high could actually be good for you.

You won’t find many fitness gurus telling their students to smoke weed before hitting the gym, but it’s now being suggested that getting high could improve performance during a workout.

As FHM reports, experts have said pre-workout marijuana consumption has the potential to “speed up muscle recovery and increase metabolism”.

“While I prefer consuming cannabis after my workouts, it is believed that there are a number of benefits to consuming cannabis before working out,” said Honest Marijuana’s Serge Chistov.

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“Cannabis has been shown to relieve pain, speed up muscle recovery and increase metabolism. When consuming cannabis before workouts, I prefer salivas as they provide a head high and get me excited to start moving.”

Gregory Gerdeman of Eckerd College supports the claim too, [via Medical Daily].

“Athletes may enjoy incorporating marijuana into their workouts because it mirrors the natural euphoria, or “runner’s high” experienced by long-distance runners,” he said.

“Along with giving a feeling of euphoria, the THC in marijuana also affects the part of the brain responsible for regulating appetite, pain-sensation, and emotions, all important factors for serious athletes.”

It’s an interesting thought, but we doubt we’ll see Mo Farah smoking weed before running the 3,000 metres any time soon…

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