These Are The Words To AVOID Including In Your Online Dating Profile

These descriptions could really be holding you back.

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Even if you dedicate hours and hours of your life to online dating, there’s still a big chance you’re doing it all wrong…

Millions of us all around the world use dating apps like Tinder, but new research has been conducted that shows people are making big mistakes when it comes to setting up their profile.

In fact, it’s been revealed that including certain words in your dating bio can actively put people off matching with you.

According to Illicit Encounters, there are certain ways of describing yourself than can really put people off.

After analysing over 400,000 profiles, the notorious extra-marital dating site has put together a comprehensive list of words guys should never use if they want to bag a date online.

Imagine if Jennifer Lawrence was on Tinder.
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So, what’s the worst offender? The answer is “curvy”, which seems a little unfair to us.

Oh, and never call yourself “handsome” either, as women are allegedly really put off by vanity.

The best combination of descriptions is supposedly “honesty, intelligence and confidence” – so you’re probably going to want to update your bio and add these in right now.

On the other hand, woman had great success when they described themselves as “curvy” and “sexy”, while “confident” and “honest” also rated highly too.

So, it turns out women don’t go for “curvy” blokes, but guys LOVE “curvy” women – who knew?

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Tinder could be on the way out, after new dating app Spin The Bottle experienced a huge surge in popularity.

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