Woody Harrelson Let Slip A Major Detail About His Role In Venom

The Solo star may have given away too much about the key role he could end up playing.

Woody Harrelson has dropped his biggest hint yet as to the role he will play in Tom Hardy’s upcoming Venom movie.

There’s already a lot of buzz surrounding the long-awaited Spider-Man spin-off, following the release of the film’s first full trailer.

One of the biggest rumours surrounding the film concerns Harrelson’s role.

Many reports have indicated that the True Detective actor is set to play the role of serial-killer-turned-alien symbiote menace Cletus Kasady a.k.a. Carnage.

However, all of the footage from the film so far appears to suggest Riz Ahmed will likely serve as the first film’s main antagonist.

In fact, Harrelson barely makes an appearance.

But speaking in an interview with Collider, Woody let slip that he will likely make a brief appearance in the first film, with the plan being for Harrelson to serve as the main villain in a potential sequel.

“I’m in a little fraction of this movie, but I’ll be in the next one, you know?” Harrelson said, adding little else about his character other than noting it is “a really wonderful script.”

This would most likely see the films follow the plot of the comics, where Kasady ends up bonding with the symbiote after Hardy’s character Eddie Brock gets sent to prison.

They had better not screw this up so bad fans don’t get a sequel. No one wants another Green Lantern situation.

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