Wonder Woman: Who’s that Gal?

As Batman v Superman hits cinema screens, we take a look at the rise of the former Israeli soldier sporting the iconic tiara.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman
Well trained Gal is a former Israeli soldier who does her own stunts.

It’s not all about the boys when it comes to Batman v Superman.

Soon, the name on everyone’s lips will be Gal Gadot.

The relatively unknown Israeli actress and model might look vaguely familiar from her role as Gisele in The Fast And The Furious franchise, but it’s her upcoming performance as Wonder Woman that’s set to catapult her into the big league.

The DC-based Wonder Woman, set for release in June 2017, tells the story of Amazon princess Diana and how she became the legendary superhero. Chris Pine, Danny Huston and Robin Wright co-star in the pic, which is still being filmed.

“We are going to see her coming of age, the entire history, what her mission is,” Gadot says in the new footage, which also features Pine’s voiceover.

But just who is the little-known actress who managed to land what is certainly the most eagerly anticipated role of next year? (OK, aside from Ben Affleck’s Batman?)

Gadot was raised in Israel and served for two years as a soldier in the Israeli defence forces. That should certainly give her superhero clout. A former Miss Universe contestant, the 30-year-old continued her work as a model during her time in the army. It was a 2007 Maxim shoot of Women Of The Israeli Army that led to her landing work in the US and becoming the face of a Gucci perfume brand.

A wonder
A wonder Gal's Wonder Woman is set to kick ass. Image Picture by Getty Images

2008 saw Gadot cast in Fast & Furious (the fourth film) and she proved her worth by completing all of her own stunts. She’s returned for three more instalments of the franchise and had a role in Date Night with Mark Wahlberg, before being cast as Wonder Woman for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and two sequels including this solo Wonder Woman feature. 

Gadot has trained in sword fighting, kick-boxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu for the role and already knows how to handle weapons.

Who is Gal Gadot then? Someone definitely not to mess with.

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