Two Thirds Of Women Prefer To Date Men Carrying Extra Weight

The majority of women would choose love handles over gym bunnies.

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British men might want to crack open a beer and call up the local takeaway; because new research claims women would rather hook up with heavier, less fit males.

In news that is likely to shock chubby chaps up and down the land, a new study claims that women are increasingly seeking out partners some 20-25 pounds above their recommended body weight.

The reason behind this shift in perception is that female respondents felt overweight men were less likely to cheat on them.

A total of 2,398 British women aged 18 and over were asked a series of questions related to the physical attributes they tend to look for in a partner.

They were asked if they were more likely to feel sexually attracted to, and form relationships with, males that were overweight, underweight or physically buff/muscular.

While just 4% admitted to finding underweight men the most appealing, just under two thirds (64%) stated that they were more attracted to overweight men, with the remaining 32% taking a preference with athletic bodies.

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When women with greater sexual attraction to overweight males were asked to state what they believed to be the optimum weight and body type of a potential romantic partner, the most commonly given characteristic emerged “love handles to grab on to” and men carrying “an extra 20-25 pounds” of body weight to be the most desirable to them.

These chub-loving participants were then asked why they were were more inclined to feel attracted to men carrying excess weight than those boasting a six-pack. A

The top 5 most common answers emerged as follows:

1. I believe overweight men are less likely to be unfaithful in a relationship – 44%
2. I don’t feel as self-conscious about my own body hang-ups with an overweight partner – 37%
3. Men who spend too much time on their fitness/health aren’t interesting or fun – 24%
4. Overweight men are more likely to have a good sense of humour – 21%
5. I don’t feel like I am good enough to date a man who is physically fit/muscular – 16%

Finally, all participants were asked if they’d ever ended a relationship due to a partner’s weight, with just over one fifth (21%) stating that this had previously occurred to them. Of these females, the majority (59%) admitted they’d terminated the relationship after their partner had put on weight, with 22% confessing it had been due to their partner losing too much weight and the remaining 19% revealing it had been due to their ex becoming overly focused and addicted to fitness/exercise.

Darrell Freeman, Founder and MD of the company behind the study, said:

“In this age of society becoming overly obsessed with attempting to recreate the Instagram-perfect snapshots of self-obsessed fitness models and gym bunnies, it’s very telling that such a large proportion of women we’ve spoken to this study feel as though they are more suited to partners carrying a little excess weight.”

“Let’s be honest, it can’t be much fun trying to live with someone who counts calories, attempts to stick to a strict diet and fitness regime. Those carrying a few extra pounds are more likely to take life, and themselves, less seriously and enjoy life much more!”

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