Women In Argentina Are Protesting After Police Tried To Arrest Topless Sunbathers

Renegade tanning

Protests have erupted all over Argentina Topless sunbathers are being persecuted. Image YouTube El Federal

Protests have erupted in Buenos Aires after police took it too far with sunbathers. It’s all in support of three women who defied a topless ban.

The women were accosted by twenty police officers at Necochea, a coastal resort in Buenos Aires after they decided to remove their bikini tops to take in the sunshine.

After refusing to put their tops on the police threatened to arrest them after a very intense discussion. Overreaction much?



The ladies agreed to leave peacefully despite the police calling in reinforcements for what reason, we don’t know.

Allegedly, tourists on the strip of sand were offended by exposed female breasts and took it upon themselves to call in the calvary.

‘At one stage, the discussion became very heated; a police officer apparently told them to put their breasts away as people were fed up seeing them. They were also told to go away and find a proper nudist beach,’ a witness told the Spanish outlet El Federal, as reported by The Daily Mail.



Thankfully the whole thing was filmed, and it’s been catching fire on social media. Support has been rushing in, including from the Mayor of Necochea, Facundo Lopez who stated that the reaction of law enforcement ‘could not be justified.’

Now protests are popping up all over Argentina, and websites have been formed to gather people for marches planned for February 7th and 11th.

The motto of this revolution is, ‘Our breasts should not be censored!’

No, they shouldn’t!

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