Women Are Fighting Back Against ‘Man-terruptions’ With This New App

Silenced no more...

Donald is an expert manterrupter... Image (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ever heard of man-terrupting? It’s an age-old practice where men regularly talk over females – well an app has been created to put a stop to it.

Time magazine coined the term after major female executives like Sheryl Sandberg noticed that they were always drowned out in meetings, despite their status in the company being much higher than the men rudely shooting down their suggestions.

If the woman behind Facebook isn’t safe from man-terrupting, no one is. So the advertising agency BETC has launched a new app today, fittingly on International Women’s Day.

Women Interrupted uses a phone’s microphone to assess voice frequencies and tally just how many times a man’s voice disrupts the conversation.


The company responsible for the app state on their website that the purpose of the technology is simple: they want to show the world just how often women are prevented from expressing themselves because of the chatty patriarchy.

“This is why we created [the] Woman Interrupted app. To show that it happens more than we think,” they said. 

The long-term goal is to collect the data accumulated and create a global map showing the impact of man-terrupting.

Promotional poster by Maria Rigon

We know what you’re thinking – are they listening in on everyone’s discussions? Not at all they say.

“No conversations are recorded or stored: everything goes from voice to data, automatically.” 

Let the revolution begin!

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