This Woman Went SEVEN Years Without Using Soap

The results are pretty surprising....

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There’s a woman out there who hasn’t used soap in seven years.

Jackie Hong, a Canadian writer, hasn’t lathered up in the bath since her high school days way back when, after an art teacher proudly stated that he hadn’t used the stuff in twenty years.

Her initial disgust at the prospect was changed when the teacher asked if he smelled.

“No,” I answered truthfully, and that was that,” she writes.


She decided to give it a try and never looked back. In place of soap, she uses old fashioned water, which, after consulting with a dermatologist, is apparently just fine.

Hong has discovered over time that she doesn’t smell at all, her boyfriend even commented that she in fact, smelled really good. Her skin is also not oily, and she hasn’t become a scaly, garbage person. She still washes her hands with soap, though, which is vital when it comes to spreading cold and flu germs.

“Even if you’ve been at the gym, you don’t necessarily need soap … water is more than enough to clean off,” said Dr. Sandy Skotnicki from the University of Toronto.

Newsflash soap can be a bad thing in excess.

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Why? Because most soaps contain synthetic detergents which clean well but can be harsh on our skin.

I’m forever telling people to stop cleaning so much, stop using so many products. I see itchy, dry people all day and I’m always saying, ‘Why are you washing if you’re not dirty? Stop washing if you’re not dirty,” continued Dr. Skotnicki.

The dermatologist believes that soap is a mental remnant from olden times when bathing was considered upper-class.

Biologically we have a large population of bacteria living on our skin right now which incessant scrubbing won’t take away, plus all the worst disease-causing microorganisms from the past have since been eradicated thanks to vaccines. So we’re good.

Maybe try skipping the soap for a couple of days, see how that works out.

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