This Woman Managed To Trade A Packet Of McDonald’s Sauce For A Car

It sounds like the most insane swap deal of all time but let us explain.

Szechuan Sauce

How much do you love McDonald’s? Do you love it enough to trade an entire car for a super-rare packet of sauce from the Golden Arches? Well, one fan did.

In order to truly understand the thinking behind this most absurd of swap deals, you have to go back; back to 1998, to be precise.

To celebrate the release of the hit Disney movie Mulan, McDonald’s ran a special promotion that offered diners the chance to sample a special Szechuan sauce.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and that same Szechuan sauce – long since discontinued – made a surprise reappearance on the cult adult animated series Rick and Morty, with Rick professing his love for the stuff.

That was enough to send geeks everywhere off on a frantic search to find any remaining packets of the sauce, with some fetching exorbitant sums on eBay – $399 to be precise.

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce.
McDonald's Szechuan Sauce.

Just a reminder: this is a McDonald’s sauce and a sauce that is regularly produced and readily available in a variety of forms at most standard supermarkets.

Anyway, with demand for the sauce reaching fever pitch, McDonald’s decided to do the decent thing and bring the damn stuff back.

The problem was, it would be for one day only in the US.

Fans soon began to queue for a chance to get the stuff – including Michigan resident Rachel Marie. After waiting a few hours to get her hands on the gooey condiment, she managed to bag one of the 20 packets on offer. 20 packets? That’s not much.

Soon enough, the 23-year-old graphic designer decided to sell the sauce, posting it to a trading page on Facebook. She got plenty of offers too, but ultimately settled on the guy willing to trade a 2000 Volkswagen Golf MK4 for a SINGLE packet of the stuff.

Rachel Marie and her new car.
Rachel Marie and her new car. Image Rachel Marie/Facebook

“He drove the car over so I know it was running,” she told Business Insider. “He was a dedicated fan of the show and already had a second car.”

Even so, that’s an almighty price to pay. The dude involved – who does not want to be named – justified the trade by saying he “just needed me some friggin sauce!!”

Sure hope his other car doesn’t break down anytime soon. After all, you can’t drive a packet of McDonald’s sauce to work, can you?

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