This Woman Has Been Pulling Off The Best Tinder Scam We’ve Ever Seen

Maggie Archer found a novel way to make money on the dating app

Imagine if Jennifer Lawrence was on Tinder.
Tinder Jennifer Lawrence is not on Tinder. Image Tinder

If you ever needed proof of just how gullible and simple-minded some blokes can be online, Twitter’s Maggie Archer may have just found it.

The assertion comes after Archer shared her super-simple Tinder scam for tricking people into paying her money for doing absolutely nothing.

Archer’s scam is simple enough.

Firstly, she changed her Tinder bio to read the following:

“send me $5, see what happens”

Then she waited.

It wasn’t long before a few singles looking to mingle let their curiosity get the better of them. They probably thought that once they paid up something really saucy would happen.

However, the reality could not have been more different.

Once Archer received the $5 via Paypal she did something alright – she instantly un-matched them, which is fair enough.

After all, who would want to date someone willing to pay $5 in the hope of something potentially flashing a bit of flesh?

She’s raked it in already too, with Archer’s efforts resulting in a $100 windfall so far.

With more people on Tinder getting wise to her neat little trick though, she may want to consider coming up with something similarly inspired. Can’t wait to see what it is.

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