Woman shoots fireworks from vagina during shoplifting attempt

Yeah, we know

Ouch The woman saw the fireworks explode between her legs

A Philadelphia woman has been hospitalised after her attempt to shoplift fireworks went  badly wrong and they exploded…from her vagina.

“It smelled like a fish fry”

LaTanisha Smith entered a Walmart in Philadelphia with her children and, according to surveillance footage, roamed the aisles for a while before entering the toilet with TNT fireworks. 

A Walmart employee explained catching the woman on CCTV:

“Several of us were watching the woman on the security cam, We thought she looked a little suspicious and suspected something was shady when she went into the restroom with a box of TNT Fireworks. I never would have imagined that she was going to do what she did.

“I bet she didn’t think that her shoplifting attempt would end in such a painful and embarrassing way. I’ve caught a lot of customers trying to steal in weird ways but not this way and not with fireworks. It smelled like a fish fry.”

According to News10Live the woman exited the restroom and made it halfway through the store before shoppers around her noticed that they smelled a burning shortly before a sizzling sound.

She then proceeded to start running with her children towards the exit as her yoga pants caught fire. 

The woman then fell to the floor and started screaming as the fireworks shot from between her legs. 

When an Ambulance arrived, they removed a large cylinder-like tube from between her legs before concluding that the fuse was lit due to her legs rubbing together – which in turn set off the fireworks. 

The woman was treated at the local hospital before being transferred to Philadelphia Police. 

What a trooper!

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