Woman Served With £185 Bill For Overstaying In A Car Park By Two Seconds

A tad harsh perhaps?

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A woman from Huddersfield has been hit with a £185 parking ticket – because she overstayed her parking time by just two seconds… in a free car park.

Liz Taylor, 33, had parked her Skoda Citigo at the Castlegate Retail Car Park in Huddersfield while she went to do some shopping with her two-year old son.

The car park operates a photographic number plate recognition system and allows customers to stay for up to 90 minutes without having to pay.

There are notices around the car park stating that there is a parking charge of £85 due for failure to comply with the terms & conditions.

£85 for overstaying Image Huddersfield Examiner

Taylor, who works as a pharmacy technician, confirmed to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner that she received a letter confirming the penalty charge about a week after her visit.

“I got a letter from ParkingEye Ltd demanding £85 discounted to £50 if I paid within 14 days.

New legislation means motorists are allowed a 10-minute period of grace on top of the permitted two hours. So this meant I was just two seconds over.

“I just don’t think it’s fair especially as I made every effort to get back and out of the car park on time. And how do you know that their cameras are accurate to two seconds?”

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