Woman Sends Boyfriend To Seduce Friend And Immediately Regrets It

Well, that went terribly…

A still from To Catch A Cheater.
To Catch A Cheater On YouTube Image YouTube

An American woman was left regretting her decision to participate in an episode of the popular YouTube series To Catch A Cheater after a plot to catch out her best friend ended about as badly as it possibly could.

A strange fusion of the Cheaters and To Catch A Predator, the hidden camera series sees people put in situations designed to test the strength of their relationship. Once they had a coupled-up bloke engage in a one-on-one gym session with a super-attractive personal trainer – it didn’t end well.

Now obviously there’s a chance this might all be fake – “reality” TV so often is – but the latest episode of the show is still definitely worth a watch, regardless.

It centres on a woman by the name of Kelsey who was worried she couldn’t trust her best friend, Britney, around her boyfriend Sam. But rather than talking about her concerns openly, Kelsey decided to do the logical thing: send her boyfriend Sam to seduce her, while she watched on elsewhere.

“I feel that she cannot really be trusted,” Kelsey explained. “She’s the kinda girl that likes somebody that’s already dating someone.”

Sam and Britney met in a local coffee shop and, while the pair initially engaged in small talk, things escalated pretty quickly when Sam suggested they get together for her birthday “you know, just you and me.”

Ever the consummate professional, Sam wasn’t about to go in half-hearted either and began touching Britney suggestively while Kelsey watched on.

“I think you already know I like you though. Wish I could find a guy like you,” she told him. “I really plan on breaking up with her,” Sam replied. “If I broke up with her right now, would you want to be with me?”

It was at this point that a visibly annoyed Kelsey asked for the video to be stopped but by then it was already too late – Sam and Britney were kissing. Tongues and everything. Oh boy.

She then decided to call up Sam to clarify just what the hell was going on. He was unaware of any issue though, evidently taking the Daniel Day-Lewis approach to this kind of thing, by immersing himself in the role of douchebag sleaze.

“I thought this is what you want,” he said. “You set this up, this is for us. I’m saying now you know what she’s all about.”The pair continued to argue though and, from the looks of it, this may have been one experiment that backfired spectacularly for all involved.

There’s a moral to this story folks: Don’t participate in elaborate hidden camera experiments that require your partner to kiss your best friend.

Lesson learned.

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