Woman In Bikini Rides Horse Onto Nightclub Dance Floor – Regrets It Immediately

What started like an LSD dream soon turned into an acid flashback nightmare.

Chaos descended on a Miami Beach nightclub after a bikini-clad reveller rode a white horse into the middle of the dancefloor – with predictably disastrous results.

The Mokai Lounge’s reputation as one of the most popular nightspots in South Beach appears under threat after the venue was inundated with complaints and had its license revoked over the incident – and understandably so.

In footage from the night in question, a scantily clad female can be seen riding a giant white horse into the middle of a busy dance floor.

But what starts as a crazy/cool bit of nightclub-based madness soon turns into something rather unsettling after the horse involved freaks out.

And when horses freak out, the people around them tend to freak out a little bit too.

Pretty soon, this trippy 60s inspired scene turned into something out of a disaster flick, with partygoers running in every direction to avoid being booted in the face by the horse, who quickly discarded its bikini-clad rider.

Heaven knows what the drunk revellers present must have thought, while anyone taking something a little stronger than alcohol must have been left tripping serious balls.


The lesson here is simple: horses don’t belong in nightclubs. They especially don’t belong on dancefloors. To be honest, most people probably assumed that to be the case but at least we’ve been given proof of that being the case.

Not the people over at the Mokai Lounge though. They’ve had to take down their Yelp page due to the high number of complaints logged on the venue’s page following the incident and on Facebook. Because that’s what Facebook is for.

The Miami Beach police department has also got involved to check on whether the horse at the centre of the debacle is okay. The good news is that he’s fine. Bit hungover but fine otherwise.

The bad news, however, is that the video resulted in the nightclub’s license being revoked, while animal rights campaigners have continued to condemn their actions on social media. Because that’s what social media is for.

There’s no word on whether the woman involved was hurt. We’d imagine she might be a little sore though, as anyone riding a horse in a thong would be.

Thankfully no one was hurt, though this could easily have turned into a demented real-life version of Buckaroo, minus any of the elements that make that game fun.

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