Woman left badly gored…after attempting to take photo of bull…with flaming horns

There's stupid and there's stupid...

A bull, cornered.Image iStock/Getty

This is the moment a woman at a traditional bullfighting event in Spain ended up being gored by a bull whose horns were ablaze – and, honestly, it’s as dumb as it sounds.

Bullfighting has always been a controversial topic, mainly due to the fact it is simultaneously barbaric and incredibly cruel.

And when it comes to sheer cruelty, this particular event at the toro embolado town festival in Sumcarcer, near Valencia, takes some beating.

In a unique and thoroughly sinister twist, the bulls here are fitted with wooden balls on their horns which are then set alight.

So far, so sadistic, but the 2018 incarnation of the festival proved more violent than most.

It’s all thanks to one female onlooker who viewed the sight of an angry bull, complete with flaming horns, as the perfect photo opportunity.


In footage published by the Daily Mail, the offending woman can be seen climbing into the arena while the bull continues to stalk around angrily.

It’s not long before he spots the woman, charging at her with so much force she’s tossed into the air.

While the audience screams in horror, several fellow spectators make efforts to drag the woman out of the way.

The bull, thankfully, opts against another strike meaning they are able to get her out of the arena in one piece.

Though he injuries were not thought to be life threatening, the woman was rushed to the Lluis Alcanyis Hospital in Xativa for treatment.

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