Woman Defies Nature By Crushing Red Bull Can With Her Butt Cheeks

This video gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘buns of steel’.

Red Bull energy drink
Red Bull The most popular energy drink on the planet. Image Red Bull

The human race is forever evolving, always striving to be “harder, better, faster, stronger” as the great Daft Punk once declared.

From the quest for physical perfection to the pursuit of incredible new inventions and forever improving records, humankind knows no bounds.

So when loaded got wind of a video showcasing one lady’s ‘canny’ ability to crush tin cans between her bum cheeks, we stood, as one, and applauded.

A 30-second clip uploaded to the video-sharing website LiveLeak, the footage has become a viral phenomenon with viewers seemingly awestruck by the unidentified female’s rather unusual party trick.


And while there are those who question whether she could crush an actual Coke can – Red Bull cans are lighter and a more arse-friendly shape – her efforts should nevertheless be applauded.

Is this evidence we, as a race, are evolving at an accelerated rate and will someday brandish our respective posteriors as can-crushing weapons of m-ass destruction, like some sort of weird wasp/human hybrid? Probably not, but it’s nice to think about the future sometimes.

For now, though, let’s simply bask in the wonder of what may just be the strangest 30 seconds ever put to film. Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet in 2016.

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