Video Of Woman Confronting Her Cheating Douchebag Ex Goes Viral

Well this was pretty…awkward.

The video that has everyone talking What a shit Image The Scene/YouTube

An adulterous young man by the name of Leonard suffered the wrath of the internet this week after a video of him being confronted over his many, many infidelities went viral.

The shit seriously hit the fan for young Leonard after The Scene posted a video of him alongside former girlfriend Kourtney.

Part of a series of clips in which two exes come together to talk through their issues, often with explosive results, this one may rank as the most awkward yet.

Because, as it turns out, Leonard wasn’t just a serial cheater – he was also a serial shit bag who did all sorts of awful things to this poor young lady, whose biggest crime in all of this appears to have been that she chose to care about this douchebag in the first place.

Arguably the zenith comes when Kourtney pushes Leonard to reveal how many times he cheated on her.

It’s at this point that Leonard strives to reach a new level of utter knobbery with the glib response “I wasn’t keeping count.”

Later, he asks her matter-of-a-factly why she just didn’t leave him. What a gent.

Anyway, it didn’t take long before the video went viral with Kourtney’s understandably emotional response giving birth to the ever-caring hashtag #HurtBae.

In the meantime, Leonard is likely to have gone into hiding. That or he’s dead already.

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