Watch: Woman goes berserk after Subway runs out of meatball marinara subs

The incident took place in a Canadian branch of the sandwich chain.

The Subway Meatball sub.
The Meatball Sub From Subway. Image Subway.

When it comes to selecting the ultimate foot long from Subway’s vast array of options, it does not get much better than the iconic Meatball Marinara.

Packing a hefty 480 calories per six-inch sub, even the thought of that meaty, tomato-based goodness has us salivating at the keyboard.

So if we headed over to our local branch of the sandwich shop chain only to discover they had run out of said meatballs we would, understandably, be a little disappointed.

One woman in a Canadian branch of Subway took that sentiment to a whole new level though after launching into a three-minute tirade against a group of “sandwich artists” who had run out of the aforementioned meats.

Fortunately, someone was on hand to record the entire unsavoury incident rather than, you know, step in and calm the situation down.

Demanding that Subway “should have it [meatballs] available all the time,” it doesn’t take long before this unhappy customer launches into a sweary tirade that culminates in the worst case of sandwich range we’ve ever seen.

“Get a f***ing meatball sub! Get it! Tell your f***ing head office to f***ing make it!” she shouts towards the end of the clip.

“I’m not being a b****, I don’t want to be an a**hole. I get your f***ing life, I get it. But that’s f***ing bull****.”

Hell hath no fury like a Subway customer scorned.

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