Will Mellor: “I’m watching Line Of Duty like a fan: I wasn’t allowed to read all the scripts”

Spoilers: Mellor's scripts stopped when he got killed.

Will Mellor in Line of Duty
Doing his Duty. Will Mellor goes off to find some more Line of Duty scripts. Image Picture Steffan Hill/BBC

As BBC2’s cop drama Line Of Duty continues to grip the nation, it’s not just the viewers who are enthralled by the twists and turns of the anti-corruption unit.

Will Mellor played nice guy cop Rob in the first two episodes of the new series – before Rob was found hanged in a lock-up.

The question of whether Rob committed suicide has been just one of the explosive storylines in a show which has seen Keeley Hawes’ unexpected return as absolutely nails ex-cop DI Lindsay Denton.

“I’m watching the same as any other fan, yelling at my telly going ‘Fuuuuck!'”

And Mellor has revealed to Loaded that secrecy on the show was so high that even he doesn’t know how it all ends.

Mellor told us: “The scripts were incredibly confidential. So we were only allowed to read up to where our characters’ storyline finished.

“Because Rob dies in episode two, my scripts were quite thin! I’ve been watching it the same as any other fan of the show ever since, yelling at my telly ‘Denton’s done what? Fuuuuuck!’”

Will Mellor off screen
Club culture Will Mellor will next be seen as an armed robber in In The Club. Image Picture Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Mellor will next be seen on the other side of the law as convicted armed robber Rick in BBC1’s pregnancy drama In The Club.

His role is somewhat bigger in the drama by veteran TV writer Kay Mellor (no relation). But the 40-year-old actor insists being in Line Of Duty was just as challenging. “There are no small parts,” he said. “I thought what Line Of Duty did was incredibly clever. Because Daniel Mays’ character was killed in the first episode, viewers must have been thinking the rest of us were safe for a bit.

“But, nope, the next thing you know Rob is dead too. That’s typical of how the writer Jed Mercurio is amazing at pulling the rug from under viewers’ feet. It was a privilege to be part of something so well-written.”

Line Of Duty is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from May 2. A full interview with Mellor will be on Loaded soon.

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