Will Ferrell wants to play ‘fat Jamie Vardy’

Ron Burgundy wants in on the Jamie Vardy party.

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in AnchormanImage Picture Paramount

Ron Burgundy officially wants in on the Jamie Vardy party.

Anchorman star Will Ferrell has joked that he wants to play the Leicester City and England striker in his older, “fatter” years for the upcoming film charting Vardy’s meteoric rise.

Ferrell revealed his Vardy movie ambition to CNN, saying: “I think I could [feature]. I would have to play him in his later, fatter years. But I don’t think I could play him in his football playing days.”

“I would have to play him in his later, fatter years.”

Ferrell’s roles in 2005 football film Kicking & Screaming, along with racing flick Talladega Nights, gives him a bit of sporting cred, but maybe he’d be more suited to the “dilly-dong” comedic stylings of Claudio Ranieri.

Nevertheless, Ferrell, like the rest of the world, fell in love with Leicester City’s underdog tale.

“I think that’s always an amazing storyline in any sport. Especially here in America, we love an underdog,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what sport it is, you’ll find Americans pulling for that team that comes out of nowhere.

“And Leicester City winning it all… it’s equivalent to a team here that’s never had any wins and winning the Super Bowl.

“Hopefully they can continue and have continued success.”

Watch Ferrell discuss the Vardy movie below…

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