Wikileaks Just Outed A Former Caribbean Politician As A UFO Hunter

The island of Nutmeg and Aliens?

St. Georges Grenada Alien vacation spot? Image Travelwith2ofus

Wikileaks just released an interesting anecdote from the life of a Caribbean politician.

Sir Eric Matthew Gairy was an odd sort. The first Prime Minister of Grenada had a few strange ideas, some of which got him ousted in a coup by Maurice Bishop (who was eventually killed in 1983) in 1979 after a term of five years. 

His downfall was due to a culmination of many variables; he had a history of thuggery and his private police named the “mongoose gang” were a murderous bunch, who frequently performed his bidding, usually against political rivals.

Oh and he also believed in aliens.

He took this position with him to the UN in November 1978 and postulated to the gathering there that the United Nations must form a committee to address the problem of UFO’s and the like, according to documents released by Wikileaks recently.

“Experts he brought with him testified that “UFOs are real” as he presented his case to the Special Political Committee at the UN desperately calling for a global commission.” reports The Daily Star.

He also spoke openly about his experience with aliens, once telling UFO Digest about his encounter:

“They followed the fisherman north and arrived at the coast just before dawn. There they met with two other fishermen that were standing guard over a tarp-covered object. The tarp was removed to reveal a giant human body that was between 7 1/2 to 8 feet in length. One of the fishermen directed Dr. Gairy to the fact that the body had six fingers on each hand. The body appeared to be a white skinned man that had long white braided hair. Sir Eric said the body appeared to be a young man, who if compared to a man of normal size would have been in his early thirties.”

That’s pretty vivid to say the least

Sir Eric Gairy Image

We’re not sure if the UN investigated Gairy’s requests further but aside from the former Prime Minster’s eccentricities, he was also not the best leader Grenada has ever seen – far from. Perhaps his priorities were slightly misguided?

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