Wife Weighs Husband’s Testicles To Check He Isn’t Cheating

The couple took a lie-detector test on US TV.

The untrusting wife who weighs her husband's testicles
US chat show Maury The untrusting wife who weighs her husband's testicles Image Pix 11

A suspecting wife appeared on US television this week, revealing that she weighs her husband’s testicles to check he hasn’t been cheating.

Appearing on Maury, a woman named Tia said he checked her husband Jermaine’s balls by hand every time he got home.

Apparently, Jermaine had been spending a lot of time talking to women in bars, and Tia wanted to take a lie-detector test on the show to find out the truth.

Explaining her unusual method, she said: “I want to see if they’re heavy.”

“He’s got girls hitting him up on Facebook, talking about how he promised oral sex to them, talking about how I better hope he got nothing other baby,” she added.

“I’m doing laundry and I just pulled his boxers out and there’s a stain on his boxers. I’m like what the hell is this. That’s the b**** stain. That’s her all over him.”

The testicle-weighing wife and cheating husband
The testicle-weighing wife and cheating husband Image PIX 11

“She’s lying, she’s lying, she just wants to break us up,” Jermaine told her.

A furious Tia also revealed that Jermaine hadn’t been performing in the bedroom, and she feared it was because he’d been sleeping with other women.

So, was Jermaine really having an affair? Eventually, Tia was eventually proven right and the lie detector test revealed he’d been unfaithful.

Maybe drop the cheating and the testicle-weighing all together next time guys?

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