Why The SEGA Genesis Flashback Has The Edge On The NES Classic Edition

Sega’s first foray into the world of retro console revisits has a few key advantages.

The AtGames Mega Drive
The console wars are back on How will Nintendo respond? Image SEGA/ATGAMES

SEGA and Nintendo look set to go to war all over again with the release of the SEGA Genesis Flashback – a retro console rebirth that’s already streets ahead of its rivals.

Last year, Nintendo witnessed an unexpected surge in demand for the NES Classic Edition.

Offering gamers the chance to revisit an impressive range of built-in titles from the console’s heyday, the console quickly sold out with Nintendo already rumoured to be weighing up a sequel of sorts via the potential SNES Classic Edition.

In the meantime, their former competitors SEGA have stolen a march on their Japanese rivals with the unveiling of the SEGA Genesis Flashback. Produced by AtGames, It’s another retro console offering but one that comes with a few key upgrades on its Nintendo equivalent.

Boasting a whopping 85 built-in games, the likes of Sonic, Phantasy Star and Shining Force are all present and correct. Arguably the most exciting addition, meanwhile, is that of the Mortal Kombat beat’em-up series – a must-have for any true 90s gaming fan.

Two Genesis-style 2.4 ghz wireless controllers come as standard, while there’s also the option for two plug-in, classic controllers as standard. The console also boasts 720p HDMI output and scan line filtering while gamers will also be able to save their progress, pause and even rewind the action in an innovative new move.

However, arguably the biggest talking point comes in the fact that the new version of the console will support almost all original SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive cartridges.

The return of the SEGA Genesis.
The king has returned The SEGA Genesis is back and better than ever Image SEGA

Something noticeably lacking from the Nintendo effort, this move also means that new Mega Drive games like Paprium could be compatible with the new system.

And with second-hand cartridges still available and relatively cheap on websites like Amazon and eBay, it could give rise to a second wave of Mega Drive fans.

Gamers have got a bit of a wait on their hands though with the Sega Genesis Flashback not due in shops until September.

In the meantime, Nintendo has got a lot of thinking to do about what form its long-proposed SNES Classic Edition will take. It’s like the 90s console wars all over again.

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