‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Reveals Why He Never Faced Hulk Hogan In WWE

Ever wondered why these two titans of wrestling never went toe-to-toe? Now we have the answer.

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It would have ranked as one of the most iconic matches in sports entertainment but, for whatever reason, WWE fans were always denied the opportunity of seeing ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin take on Hulk Hogan in the ring.

And now, with Hogan in something approaching exile following the scandal involving the wrestling legend and gossip website Gawker, we may never get to see it.

What many WWE fans could not have possibly known, however, is that the match-up came very close to happening on several occasions.

These revelations came to light via Bruce Prichard, a former member of WWE’s creative team, who revealed on his Podcast, in quotes carried by IWNerd, that plans were afoot to make the match happen.

Two of WWE's biggest stars
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Originally, the team behind the scenes at WWE wanted the Hulk to face-off against Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson before moving on to a match with Stone Cold.

“Well, I can tell you from my vantage point and my discussions were, where are we going to go because the match was Austin and Hulk or Rock and Hulk,” Prichard explained.

“I think everyone agreed that Austin and Hulk were the bigger match that we had to get to, so the feeling was, why not give it to them first, let’s build it some more.”

Hulk Hogan has launched a $100m lawsuit against Gawker
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However, the resulting match at Wrestlemania 18 proved so popular, WWE creative began to have doubts over whether a Hulk v Stone Cold match-up would live up to the hype.

There was one other, pretty major problem too – neither guy wanted to be the one who lost.

“There may have been discussions where one wasn’t going to put the other over, but that was just gesturing and positioning.”

The Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin

With Rock’s star in the ascendency and Austin moving towards retirement, the entire plan was scrapped, with the mythical match forever consigned to the realm of “What if?”

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