The Creepy Reason Some Married Couples Look Alike

Do you look like your spouse?

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These two, are probably related. Image John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI)

According to a new study, there is a particular science-based reason why some married couples look eerily similar to each other.

To sum it up, its because they’re a little bit related. The creepy occurrence could have a lot to do with genetics, claims scientists at Boston University of Public Health and the University of California.

To find this out, the researchers explored genetic similarity between spouses from three generations of 879 white folks.

They discovered that people of Northern/Southern European and Ashkenazi heritage were more likely to choose partners of the same background.

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Twins. Image Now To Love

In the old days, couplings would usually happen within a local community. Therefore, the two people usually had similar ancestry. Gross.

Over the generations, the practice made its way into mating patterns of human beings and “created a genetic structure in the population which has the potential to bias the results of genetic studies.”

Meaning that if you are of a certain background, you are likely to be attracted to your mirror image because your genes have been programmed to do so. CREEPY.

Luckily this happening is decreasing significantly, and people are marrying outside their communities, which is beneficial in multiple ways including, the reduction of genetic diseases.

Plus it means you’re not as racist as they were in the old days…

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