Why Making A Sex Tape Could Save Your Relationship

Filming your love life could be the secret to keeping the magic alive.


Love is an amazing thing, but sadly, the initial spark people experience in the initial stages of relationships doesn’t always last.

Couples go to all kinds of crazy measures to keep the passion burning, but the secret could be simpler than people realise.  

As Medical Daily reports, if people are looking to keep the magic alive in the bedroom, they should seriously think about filming a sex tape.

A group of experts, including relationship author April Masini, psychoanalyst, Dr. Fran Walfish, and therapist Eboni Harris, putting your love life on tape could be the key to maintaining a healthy and passionate relationship.

Speaking about the benefits of creating a sex tape amongst couples, Mansini said: “Men are visual. All you have to do is take a quick glance at the profits for the porn industry to know I’m right.

“And if they have a partner who’s ready and willing to make a sex tape, which is porn, it doesn’t get much better for them. They get to have sex and watch the sex, while possibly having more sex, creating levels of pleasure.”

While making the actual tape could be pretty enjoyable in itself, the real benefits come when couples watch the tape back together.

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According to Harris, it’s a great way for improve their technique, and make sure you’re both enjoying your time together in the bedroom.

“If you think about watching the tapes like a game tape, you can use the footage to honestly share the moments that were most enjoyable.

“It is also interesting to note what you were focused on during certain positions or any particular acts that took you out of the moment,” Harris said.

Sounds great, right? But of course, the move isn’t without its risks.

As the experts say, it’s an exercise in trust, and whatever you do, don’t let the tape fall into the wrong hands.

Keep it between just the two of you, and you could quickly start enjoying the benefits…

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