Why Is This Shattered iPhone 4S Selling For £120k On eBay?

Sounds fishy

The iPhone From Apple Image Picture Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

An iPhone 4S is selling on eBay for a whopping £120,000. Did we mention it’s completely shattered?

The seller claims that the reason behind this stunning price tag is due to the phone’s unique history. Apparently it is one of 56 phones made to commemorate the death of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs in 2011. [via BGR]

A description states, “This item is being sold as is for parts and repair only. This item is still fully functional and can be used. This phone is 1 of only 56 phones made to honour the late Steve Jobs. Please see Apple logo for Authenticity for this phone.”



The severely cracked iPhone features the viral Apple logo with Jobs’ profile in lieu of the traditional ‘bite’ typically seen on the famous fruit image. This particular icon was created by student Jonathan Mak in 2011.



Suspiciously the eBay iPhone is rather similar to the design on 56 gold plated Apple phones released by a company called Goldgenie in 2012. They gave out these special editions to members of the Apple Corporation and Jonathan Mak himself.




Experts are claiming that the cracked iPhone in question is actually an iMpostor and this is just one big eBay i-Swindle.

Unfortunately for bidders, the exorbitant iPhone has mysteriously disappeared from the online auction website.

Ah well, tomorrow is a new day to be a dishonest hack. 

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