Why Is Road Rage On The Rise In The UK?

Motorists are getting mad and the experts have a pretty good idea why.

Road rage on the rise in the UK.
Road rage On the rise in the UK Image YouTube

General elections. Donald Trump. The cost of summer holidays with the kids. There are a lot of things to be angry about in the world right now and that’s not even counting what goes on in your car.

According to new figures, road rage is actually on the rise in the UK with one study showing around four in every five drivers have fallen victim to it in the past year.

Nearly two-thirds claim to have been on the receiving end of verbal and, at times, physical abuse behind the wheel while three in four had been sworn at by a fellow driver.

The research, conducted by Tyre-shopper.co.uk, also found that the average driver was guilty of losing his collective sh*t behind the wheel at least three times a year.

Blokes are by far the worst offenders too, with four in every five ragers reckoned to be male, and averaging out at around the age of 37.

So what’s prompted this upsurge in road rage over the past 12 months? Jack Underwood, Digital Marketing Executive, from Tyre-shopper.co.uk has a pretty good idea of what.

“It’s no wonder road rage is rife in Britain, given the number of congested roads and ongoing roadworks around the nation’s motorways,” he said.

“But with busy lives to lead, people can get impatient behind the wheel, leading to incidents I’m sure they later regret. It’s key for drivers to stay calm and composed on the roads – after all, it’s better to take a little while longer to get from A to B than arrive frustrated albeit a few seconds quicker.”



The message is clear: be good to your fellow drivers, remember to breathe and think happy thoughts. 

Of course, none of that will matter if you end up in a baking hot car, stuck on a dual carriageway with a lane closed, but it’s worth remembering there are far worse things in the world than a bit of traffic and everyone is trying to get home.

Let’s be good to each other.

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