Why Has Ronseal Been Hijacking Channel 4?

The DIY Giant is battling with Channel 4 to help people get the job done.


Over the last few weeks, you might have noticed something strange going on with Channel 4, Ronseal and some of your TV favourite shows.

The DIY giant and TV channel have been enjoying some, er heated debates on screen and across social media.

This has been no ordinary advertising campaign – it’s been a battle for the hearts and minds of an entire watching and tweeting public.

As the DIY giant knows only too well, when it comes to those urgent household jobs, the majority of us would rather put them off in favour of a little more rest and relaxation.

But Ronseal was having none of it and decided to take action in a pretty unusual way by invading Channel 4 in a battle for viewers’ time.

It all kicked off on the Friday night before May Day Bank Holiday, during Gogglebox when, rather than see the standard ad-break Channel 4 idents, viewers witnessed a tub of Ronseal Coat Fence Life literally beating the hell out of the TV station’s iconic logo blocks.

The chaos didn’t end there, with The Last Leg’s Alex Brooker enlisted to engage in a hilarious war of words with Ronseal that ran through all of the ad breaks on the show.

Millions watched on as the two sides jostled for attention, with Channel 4 urging viewers to watch on and Ronseal floating the idea of maybe, finally, sorting out those much-needed jobs around the house.

Each argument was joined by a familiar Channel 4 ad break graphic, albeit one invaded by Ronseal in a bid to encourage more people to get up and take action.

Since then the banter has continued across a variety of Channel 4 programmes from the world of property, sport, film and entertainment and even films, featuring more to-ing and fro-ing, designed to inspire action. Check it out:

So who’s winning? It’s difficult to say, but the back and forth certainly made for the most entertaining ad break of recent times and was all in good humour and jest. Check out some of the spat they had on Twitter:

And they’ve popped up on Facebook too – when people were least expecting it.



Fans can keep tabs on the unfolding anarchy – and join in – using the Twitter hashtag #RonsealTheWeekend.

We spoke to Ronseal and they said: “We’re fuming! We were looking forward to getting the nation’s fences sorted this summer but for six weeks now Channel 4 has been telling people to spend their whole weekend watching telly instead. Imagine how great people could feel if they’d get up off that sofa, go out and get that DIY done.”

They’ve got a point – have you done yours?


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