Why Gillian Anderson would be 00-heaven for James Bond fans

The X-Files star has thrown her hat into the ring and Loaded is all for it

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Gillian Anderson has sent James Bond fans all aflutter after throwing her hat into the ring to replace Daniel Craig as the next incarnation of 007.

Tweeting out a poster of herself in the iconic role alongside the words “It’s Bond, Jane Bond” along with the hashtag #NextBond, the comments appeared to catch the imagination of those fans looking for something a little different from Britain’s best/worst secret agent next time out.

Bond, Jane Bond
Bond, Jane Bond She would make a great 007

Born in America but of English descent, she more than fits the bill for playing Bond and Loaded can think of a fair few more reasons why she should step into the role.


Expert negotiator

In the past, Bond has lacked the necessary diplomacy that comes with the role of secret agent.

But Anderson would have no such issues. For example, she managed to successfully diffuse legendary motor mouth Jon Stewart and all it took was a little bit of tonsil tennis.


Excellent Undercover

One of the worst things about Bond of late has been that, for someone who is supposed to be a secret agent, he’s really not been great at keeping his identity secret.

Anderson would have no such issues, though. She’s so good at acting and stuff that she managed to deceive this sleazeball cracking onto her mate. And it started with a little kiss like this.

Superb Oral Hygiene

With secret agents spending a good chunk of their time locking lips with double agents, henchman and other assorted eye candy, it’s important to take things like plaque and bad breath into consideration.

Fortunately, in Anderson, we could be getting a 007 who puts the Bond into Oral B and often enjoys brushing in her underwear. Oh, Mrs Bond!


Secretly Seductive

The most recent series of The X-Files may have been a little hit and miss but it did at least serve up this truly remarkable scene showcasing Anderson’s seductive side.

Forget Roger Moore and Sean Connery – Scully may just be the sexiest secret agent yet.


Keeping It Real

Unlike Craig and his misguided belief he has a career beyond Bond, Anderson has always stayed grounded which goes some way to explaining why she decided to do a film alongside Danny Dyer.

She loves keeping it real as this rather rude turn in The Turning (us neither) demonstrates. Oh Gillian!


That British Accent

As Anderson has demonstrated on numerous occasions, she is actually quite nifty when it comes to putting on an English accent and this alone puts her on course to be a better Bond than Connery.

Here she is putting it to good use in another memorable romantic film that we couldn’t be bothered to look up on IMDB.


Casino Royale

Remember how scary Mads Mikkelsen was the bad guy with the bloody eye in Casino Royale? Yeah well, this is what Anderson thinks of that guy and his smooching technique. Boom.


Serial Thriller

Going toe-to-toe with a serial killer is scary enough but when that killer happens to be the leather-loving Mr Grey, Jamie Dorman, you’ve got to give Anderson some credit.

Gillian wouldn’t stand for any of that whipping nonsense either – this boy would be getting a dry slap for his troubles if he even dared consider it.


The Greatest Love of All

Having Anderson as the next James Bond would also give fans one more chance to dream of a world where she finally gets together with X-Files co-star David Duchovny.

Yes the two are both happily partnered up but that doesn’t mean fans can’t edit together a video featuring stills of the two alongside “Diamonds” by Rihanna, does it? Does it?


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