George Clooney’s lonely nights

‘My wife’s always away working.’

George Clooney says his wife Amal’s legal career dominates their marriage
A man (sometimes) alone Clooney’s wife Amal isn’t one of his hangers-on during global film promotions. Image Picture Win McNamee/Getty Images

George Clooney may have settled down, but even the ‘World’s Most Handsome Man’ is finding he’s playing second fiddle to his wife.

The 54-year-old and his human rights lawyer missus Amal Alamuddin, 37, celebrated their first anniversary in September after getting married in a three-day ceremony last year in Venice.

You’d think it would be Clooney’s movie making that would keep them apart, but it’s his wife’s daily grind instead.

Clooney told Loaded, “Amal is working. She’s got people in prison she’s trying to get out.”

“That’s when you know you’ve aged – I’ve learned that I’m too old to be doing stunts”

Clooney revealed to us his new(ish) wife was always away working earlier this year when his wife was trying to liberate Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian Al-Jazeera journalist who was being held behind bars in Egypt on terrorism-related charges. Fahmy was one of three Al Jazeera reporters imprisoned for ‘broadcasting false news’ in 2014 – and he’s now been pardoned.

Beirut-born, Oxford University-educated Alamuddin is a member of Doughty Street’s international law team and has a high-profile client list.

She has advised former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Syria, helped ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko challenge her imprisonment and represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during his fight against extradition to Sweden.

But Clooney insisted he doesn’t mind sharing their life with her clients.

He said, “I’m a happily married man. Can you believe it? I’m very happily married. It’s fun.”

George Clooney out with wife Amal Alamuddin
Amal Clooney with husband George The lawyer is tackling terror in the International Criminal Court Image Picture Andrew Goodman/Getty Images

However fun married life is, the Gravity actor wasn’t up for discussing kids.

“See, I was wondering how that question would get in,” he said. “Though that was a very good try.”

Clooney will next be in cinemas in February 2016 in the comedies Hail Caesar! and Money Monster – and he joked they may be his swansong from acting.

The actor – who has suffered neck and back pain for years – admitted he’s starting to feel ancient, with recent fight scenes taking their toll.

“In the old days, I used to win all the fights when I was filming,” said the double Oscar-winner. “Now, I just get the hell beaten out of me all the time. That’s when you know you’ve aged. I’ve learned that I’m too old to be doing stunts.”

“Hail Caesar! should be wild and Money Monster is pretty hysterical too,” Clooney smiled, before laughing, “Those two could be career enders.”

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